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Impact Outdoors 

Impacting communities through education, conservation, and meaningful outdoor opportunities 

Impact Outdoors looks forward to this season's upcoming events and to meeting new heroes. If you know someone who could benefit from an opportunity like Impact Outdoors provides here in New Mexico, please take time to contact us with their interest and information. Our contact information can be found in the "Contacts" tab above.


At Impact Outdoors, our mission is to impact communities through education, conservation, and meaningful outdoor opportunities. We are a nonprofit charity (501C3) that provides youth participants with education through activities related to conservation, the environment, habitat management and improvement, biology of native flora and fauna, data collection, agriculture, and overall stewardship of the land. We are passionate about the outdoors and believe that the best way to share that passion and to protect native resources is by teaching others about the outdoors. We strive to impassion the next generation of conservationists and stewards of the land while also giving back to our nation’s veterans with once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunities. Impact Outdoors is made up of myself, Matthew, my wife, Phoebe, our one-year-old son, a few board members, a group of dedicated friends and volunteers (many of whom are veterans who have benefited from Impact Outdoors hunting opportunities), and the private landowners who graciously allow us to utilize their properties for the purposes of our mission. We are currently funded through private donation and grass-roots fund raising. Every dollar that we raise goes directly into either educational programming centered around conservation for our youth participants (Spring/Summer/Fall primarily) or into making once-in-a-lifetime hunting and fishing opportunities a reality for veterans and first responders (Fall/Winter/Spring primarily). We are small but growing, we come from humble roots, and we want to energize the next generation of land stewards and celebrate the contributions and achievements of the people who have given so much of themselves to protect and serve our country.

Impact Outdoors 2021 Northern New Mexico Wetlands Roundtable.


If you want to know the complexity that exist with Impact Outdoors, our focus, and the impact we have on our communities, please take time to watch this featured presentation from The Northern New Mexico Roundtable.

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