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About Us

Our Mission

At Impact Outdoors, our mission is to impact communities through education, conservation, and meaningful outdoor opportunities. Impact Outdoors achieves our mission through strong relationships, community involvement, dedicated volunteers, and a strong passion for the outdoors.


Our youth become stewards through activities related to conservation, the environment, habitat management and improvement, biology of native flora and fauna, data collection, the importance of agriculture, and biodiversity. We want our youth to think like biologist in the field even if they don’t consider themselves to be biologist. The private lands that the youth participants interact with serve as an outdoor classroom opportunity, habitat engagement, and they increase the odds for overall harvest success on their youth hunt opportunities. The habitat improvements provided by these youth and their families directly impact the environment as well as harvest rates for our youth and our nations veterans who attend these locations. From erosion control to wetland development, these improvements can be felt by all. We strive to develop conservation, minded leadership through these outdoor opportunities with our stewardship engagements. We want our youth to recognize the resources in their own backyards giving them a sense of pride in their community and to understand that conservation requires involvement. We strive to impassion the next generation of conservationists and stewards of the land while also giving back to our nation’s veterans.

Conservation and veterans

Not only does Impact Outdoors take our Nation’s veterans on hunts, but we are building a community of veterans serving veterans. We want our veterans to come through Impact Outdoors and leave with a conservation-minded approach to being a sportsman. During our veteran hunts we want our attendees to recognize the co-relationships that exist in the environment that they are present in. So many of our veterans live in the past and these hunt opportunities in mother natural demand our presence while in the field and that’s what makes these hunts so important to healing. We aim for success in the field and hope that these veterans will volunteer their time and to get other veterans into the field for hunt opportunities with Impact Outdoors. We strive to have them join us for conservation opportunities after their hunt engagement.  We want our veteran participants engaged in the conservation projects that take place at the locations they have previously visited during their hunt with Impact Outdoors. We build community by bringing people together for a common good. These veteran-focused wetland workshops include all branches and walks of life from the military. From welding to tractor projects, our veterans have incredible skills that they can each bring to the table, and we give them the opportunity to do so. From water retention to disability access, our veterans’ volunteer time directly improves another veteran’s hunt opportunity. These projects are a true win for conservation and community leadership. Coming together for a common goal gives our veterans a sense of belonging, directly improves the habitat, develops access, and gives our landowners a new look at life for their property. We want these workshops to benefit our landowners and further build relationships with our landowners, community, and the environment. We are building a better foundation for our communities through education and giving a component of our society that is often forgotten about a means to a new perspective in life with the outdoors. We are making a difference in our communities. 

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