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Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are always on the ball, utilizing their unique skills and passion to provide the best experience for our guest in the field. We’re always pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and striving to perfect our approach and knowledge of our environment here in New Mexico. Meet some of our incredible leaders below.


Blake Anderson:

Blake has been field-hunting geese since living in Indiana prior to his service in the United States Marine Corps. While in the Marine Corps Blake was deployed to Afghanistan as well as his various MEU deployments around the world. Blake has an exceptional way about him that enables him to connect to our service men and women in and out of the field. His patriotism, warm vibe, and positive attitude make for a family-type encounter each time he volunteers for Impact Outdoors. Blake and his family have always gone above and beyond to see that our service men and women are taken care of. His connection to the land shines through on each hunt. Blake works in farming and ranching and his lifestyle revolves around each changing season. His strong work ethic is no secret to anyone he encounters and I have personally seen him fix a truck with the belt he was wearing that day. His resourcefulness allows him to think like a duck, coyote, deer, goose, or anything else you can encounter in his environment. His ability to use the tools that might be found around him greatly increases anyone’s likelihood of harvesting in the field. For Blake, watching someone harvest their first animal or even being a part of their first hunt is why he volunteers so many hours to the program. Blake says "seeing their face light up and their excitement in that moment does it for me. Each experience is different and I get to help create that memory." Blake’s strong connection to family, overwhelming patriotism, and work ethic can be felt through each stride he makes towards the environment and helping others. Impact Outdoors wants to take time to highlight Blake, and the impact he makes on others. Thank you Blake for all of your time and all the heart you put into making a difference.


Anthony Lucero has been a program volunteer since its inception. He has been present from large scale waterfowl hunts, youth turkey hunting seminars, and even tabling events. He is engaged in planning, and implementation of those plans at all levels. He has vast knowledge in big game hunting here in New Mexico. Anthony grew up enjoying the mountains of Jemez with his family chasing elk and deer with his father and uncles. He can often be found on the san Juan river downstream of Navajo Dam, or outside of Socorro in unit 13 chasing elk during the muzzleloader season. Anthony takes pride in his strong work ethic and it shows in all things he engages in with Impact Outdoors. His expertise and eagerness to help are invaluable to Impact Outdoors.

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